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Welcome to your dream home!

Thank you for deciding to buy a property at Rezidenci Veleslavínská 47, Prague 6.
Please familiarize yourself with our standard payment terms and the procedure for buying an apartment.


  • Pre-booking is free;

  • Reservation fee = CZK 100,000;

  • Surcharge = 100% of the purchase price upon signing the Purchase Agreement (minus the reservation fee).
    Possibility of mortgage financing

Non-binding reservation

Mandatory reservation

Buying real estate

Transfer of real estate

Client changes

3 days

30 days

45 days

10 days

60 days

for free

payment of a reservation fee of CZK 100,000

payment of 100% of the purchase price of the property with own resources or by taking out a mortgage loan

for free

price according to selected materials and work

Pre-Reservation Agreement, Client portal MY APARTMENT

Reservation contract, Securing financing

Purchase agreement, Agreement on vcall to prayeri teach

Confirmation of the issuance of a lien, Registration of your ownership in the real estate cadastre

Transfer Protocol

Finishing the apartment according to your ideas


Choosing an apartment

You can choose your new apartment in different ways:

  • On the website, every day for you
    we update the status and prices of vacant apartments;

  • With our representative during the inspection of the apartment.

Pre-booking the apartment is free
You can make a non-binding apartment reservation in different ways:

  • On the website;

  • By phone, phone +420 776376516;

  • By email:;

  • At a personal meeting with the seller.

After pre-booking, a Pre-Booking Agreement will be automatically generated for you, after acceptance of which you will receive access data to the client portal by email MY FLAT.
Pre-booking is non-binding, free of charge and valid for 3 days.
If the Reservation Agreement is not signed within 3 days,
the pre-booking is canceled and the apartment is offered to other interested parties.

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We are always happy to be in touch with you!
After acceptance of the Pre-booking contract, you will receive an email with access data to  client portal MY FLAT.
In your client portal MY FLAT you will find information about your apartment, all jointly signed contracts, confirmation of 
payments made by you, client changes and all important contacts.
Through the client portal you can:

  • Sign and pay for the Booking Agreement;

  • Deliver required client changes;

  • Order a date for handing over the apartment;

  • Request all necessary documents.


If you decide to reserve the apartment bindingly, the Reservation Form is signed

You can sign the reservation contract at:

  • Websites;

  • With us personally;

  • AT our sellers.

After signing the Reservation Agreement, within 5 days, it must be paid
reservation fee in the amount100,000 CZK, and only on account of our company

2802194221 / 2010 in FIO bank,
IBAN: CZ90 2010 0000 0028 0219 4221

If the Reservation Fee is not transferred to our company's account within 5 days, the Reservation Agreement is canceled and the apartment is offered to other interested parties.
The validity of the Reservation Agreement is usually 30 days. In case you use the service HYPOASSISTANT and you need a longer time to process the mortgage loan, we will agree on an extension of the Reservation Contract period.


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Within 30 days after signing the Reservation Agreement should be signedPurchase Agreement, Escrow Account Agreement and Proposal for Deposit toreal estate cadastre.Your signature on the Purchase Agreement must be verified, therefore at the signatureyou must be present in person or your representative with a certified power of attorney. Within 5 days from the signing of the Purchase Agreement to the escrow account must bepaid purchase price (100% of the purchase price minus CZK 100,000of the booking fee)After payment of the purchase price, the FIO bank issues a Confirmation of relinquishment of the lien on the apartment.On the basis of the signed Purchase Agreement and Confirmation of Waiverof the lien, a proposal will be made for deposit in the cadastrereal estate. Approximately during 45 days the lien will be removed in the FIO bank and your ownership right will be registered. As a result, you will have an apartment in your possession, without any restrictions.


If you need mortgage financing, you can use the service HYPOASSISTANT.
A professional mortgage specialist will help you arrange a mortgage on favorable terms for free, help you choose a product (investment mortgages, mortgages for entrepreneurs, 90% mortgages, etc.), advise you on choosing the type of interest rate and help you prepare all the documents. He will also provide an estimate of the property being purchased and communication with the cadastre and the bank.
The offer of 15 banks and special packages of favorable conditions for clients of Rezidence Veleslavínská 47:

  • Reduced interest rate;

  • A mortgage with the option to repay or refinance at any time;

  • Providing a real estate estimate.

If you are considering financing with a mortgage, the mortgage calculator will help you make a quick estimate.
Contacts HYPOASSISTENT for Residence Veleslavinska 47:

Ing. Jitka Vágnerová +420 739 329 444;
Ing. Luděk Havlíček +420 739 329 904

In case that HYPOASSISTANT needs more time to settle your mortgage, we will extend the term of your Reservation Agreement free of charge.
If you are confident in your own abilities regarding the negotiation of a loan, you assume the responsibility of ensuring all processes associated with processing the loan, its drawdown and timely payment of the purchase price.

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After successfully registering in the Land Registry, within 5 days we are ready to hand over the apartment.
We will sign the handover protocol with you, write down the state of the water and electricity meters, hand over the documentation and user manuals for the installed equipment, hand over the keys to the apartment and house, hand over the registration sheet with information on the amount of payments to the service and repair fund.
On the basis of your consent, we will arrange to transfer the electricity consumption point to you.
After signing the transfer protocol, you will be the de facto owner of the apartment.



We will prepare standard apartments for you Shell & core, so that the final adjustment is made exactly according to your ideas.The standard design of the apartment is described in detail in ours Standards Shell & CoreYou can make the final adjustments yourself, or you can entrust them to us as part of Client Changes.

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Client changes will take place after signing the purchase contract and payment of the purchase price. At your request, we are able to make individual modifications, such as partial changes to partitions and internal layouts, changes in the location of switches and sockets, distribution of electricity, water, waste, heating. However, these changes need to be technically assessed, then designed and then the price calculated.In connection with client changes, fees are set for given categories of client changes, or payments for design work, multi-work and above-standard materials.Final adjustments are for an additional fee and we will be happy to help you make them as part of Client changes. The prices of the final adjustments depend on the prices of the selected materials and the work. As part of client changes, you can choose from a wide range of coverings, tiles, furnishings, floor coverings and interior doors. The selection is made in the sample rooms of contracted suppliers. We will be happy to share the contacts with you after signing the Purchase Agreement, in your client portal MY FLATA work contract will be signed for all client changes, with a detailed budget for work and materials.


Property tax is paid by the property owner to whomas of January 1 of the current calendar year, the ownership right to the real estate belongs. Until then, property tax is paid by the previous owner.
If you are a property owner, you must file a tax return 
until February 1 of the respective year.
The tax return for Dani from immovable property is submitted to the relevant tax office, Prague 
Property insurance After signing the handover protocol, you are responsible for your property, so we recommend arranging property and liability insurance.
You can choose any insurance company according to your preferences.
We personally have many years of good experience with insurance with Allianz. Specialists at Residence Veleslavínská 47:

phone +420 60212000


Ing. Petr Ocetnik

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The owners of individual apartments will form a community of owners of Rezidence Veleslavinska 47 (SVJ Rezidence Veleslavinska 47) SVJ Rezidence Veleslavinska 47 exists to ensure the management of the building and land.When you buy an apartment, you join the community of owners of Rezidence Veleslavinska 47 units.Our company was founded by SVJ Rezidence Velesalvinska 47 and approved the Statutes. Each unit has a voting voice. Decision-making on any solution of SVJ Veleslavinska 47 is by the majority vote of the members.At the time SVJ Rezidence Veleslavínská 47 was founded, our company had the majority vote.During the sale of units, our company's voting share will decrease and the share of new unit owners will increase.When the share of new owners is higher than 50%, the first meeting of SVJ Veleslavínská 47 will be convened.At the first meeting of the SVJ Rezidence Veleslavínská 47, elections for committee members and other community bodies will take place, the administrator of Rezidence Veleslavínská 47 will be elected.We will send you information about the date of the facility administrator's meeting by e-mail.

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